The Mystic Artists

Who We Are

Taylor Fortune

Founder of the Mystic Arts

As a Tarot Master and Astrologer, Taylor first became aware of Occult Spirituality at age 11, when his mom's seminal book "Tarot of the Spirit" was published. After a near-death experience from a rare lung and kidney disease, Taylor combined his spiritual practice with an ICF Life Coach and ISSA Fitness Trainer certification, becoming a Mind, Body, Spirit Coach. Through the years, Taylor has helped clients unlock the Great Mysteries of the Universe with Kabbalistic Tarot, Elemental Mysticism, Astrology, Fitness, Martial Arts, and Business Development.

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Sara Ashley


Sara Ashley is an intuitive Astrologer, Tarot, and Akashic Records reader. After being gifted an Astrology book on her 7th birthday, Sara began connecting to her Sirian Starseed spirit guides and learning all about the cosmos. Sara then taught English to high school students with special needs for 13 years. She left her public school teaching career in 2021 to assist the collective with the ascension process through teaching esoteric mysticism. Sara's goal is to give her clients the tools they need to pursue a happy and whole life that is best found through mind, body, and spiritual alignment. 

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Ismael Perez


Ismael discovered his ancient mystical powers as a young immigrant child when he began to use telekinesis. Before he could fully embrace his role as a cosmic ambassador, Ismael went through a dark night of the soul that led him to discover his true life purpose as a Divine Starseed from the Lyra Constellation. Now, Ismael spends his time as a galactic historian teaching classes on Starseed Cosmology. He is the author of the acclaimed book "Our Cosmic Origin," which explores the celestial ancestry of the human race and the coming Golden Age of the New Earth.

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The Mystic Arts Organization is dedicated to my Uncle, Klaus Dieter Haisch, 04/17/53-11/07/2021, a true mystic and the reason this Spiritual Institute exists -Taylor Fortune